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stands out from the others with its tall antennae and multiple professional grade surveillance cameras. in published reports mr. wozniak said he wanted to give his friend the benefit of the doubt that a lot of the work that he was doing at home could have other explanations for it. that was before the bombs police say they found were discovered. mr. basham will be arraigned in court tomorrow. allen? >> all right, len ramirez, thank you. now, as len mentioned, the target of everett basham's anger was state senator leland yee. since last year, y ee pushed gun control legislation, a ban on the bullet button. senator yee took up the cause after watching a kpix 5 report on the loophole in the law which allows the tip of a bullet to be used to quickly detach magazines on high powered rifles. in an exclusive one on one interview today, senator yee told us earlier threats were taken seriously, but none was
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as specific and scary as this one. >> not only, you know, for myself, but for my staff and, you know, for my family, because you don't know where it's going to come from and who knows who is standing next to you, who may stand accidentally in front of you and take the bullet. so it's pretty frightening. >> coming up at 6:00, more on why senator yee says this threat on his life is a perfect example of why his assault weapons ban is needed. developing news in the east bay. investigators spent the day combing a schoolyard for evidence in a murder case. the victim, a rising football star shot while hanging out with friends at hillside elementary school in san leandro. kpix 5's da lin talked with the mom who heard the gunshot that killed her son. reporter: family and friends are heartbroken over the death of the 18-year-old. his mother ran to the school
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when she heard four shots around 8:45 last night. >> when i seen my baby's car i lost it because i know something bad had happened. i had been calling his cell phone, no answer. >> reporter: her son told her he was hanging out at nearby hillside elementary with friends. she believes her son knew the killer. >> please -- yourself in. my baby didn't deserve it at all. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's deputies don't have a motive. the district shut down the school thursday so investigators could search for evidence. >> it's sad for the kids that the school gets shut down for the day. but we didn't want a situation where kids are playing on the grounds and find something they shouldn't not find. >> reporter: detectives walked through the area and combed the area where they initially found foster. some even got on rooftops and they brought in a couple of dogs to sniff for evidence. his father believes foster was playing a game of dice with
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people he knew at the time. the people you hang with, they are really determined your future. >> reporter: feser ? was a red shirt freshman on the laney college football. he played at san lorenzo high school for three years before transferring to another high school. his coach says the 18-year-old was a gifted defensive player and a nice kid. >> i enjoyed coaching foster. he listened to what you were saying and worked hard to get better. >> reporter: that's the area investigators focused on earlier today. they still don't have suspects in the case. and his family will have a memorial. later on at 6:00 we'll bring that to you in the next hour. live in san leandro, i'm da lin, kpix 5. in east oakland, a high- speed chase ended with a crash and a suspect in handcuffs. the chase ended this morning when the driver crashed into a police cruiser at 78th and bancroft. the driver took off and was
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caught a short time later. he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. new details in the manhunt for a fugitive ex-cop in southern california. just about an hour ago, the charred remains in the burned- out cabin near big bear were positively identified as christopher dorner. the former lapd officer was wanted in a series of revenge killings in southern california. four people were killed during his rampage, including a police officer and a sheriff's deputy. an olympic hero who captured the hearts and attention of the world is behind bars. the man known as the blade runner is accused of killing his girlfriend. police in south africa escorted a handcuffed oscar pistorius out of his home today. police say 30-year-old reeva steenkamp was shot four times. pistorius became the first double amputee runner to ever compete at the games. it was during last year' summer olympics. his girlfriend was a model and was equally famous in south
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africa. >> i knew her quite well. she was a humble person. she was beautiful inside and out. >> police say they have been called to the athlete's home before for domestic trouble. witnesses say they heard screaming before the shooting. pistorius will be in court tomorrow. flash mob, live music and prison inmates dancing were seen all over the world today for an international campaign. all to bring attention to the startling number of women who are victims of domestic violence. and right now, they are still dancing at city hall. kpix reporter linda yee explains the meaning of the program called one building rising of linda. reporter: liz, domestic violence experts say that the statistics show one in three women worldwide will suffer emotional or physical abuse at some point in their life. what this party is all about is to bring attention to the stunning numbers and to end the
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violence. reporter: they have been arrested for violent acts, half of them for abuse against a girlfriend, wife or partner. as part of today's events to call attention to ending violence against women, dancing without borders brought their creative therapy to both the men's and women's jails. inmates say it's a relief that helps. >> he was abusive because i had a lot of anger problems. i still have kind of anger problem but i'm in this program trying to stop my violence and become a better person. >> reporter: what they're doing is part of today's global attention to the estimated one billion women and girls victimized by violence. sheriff ross mirkarimi invited them in. last year mirkarimi pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges against his wife. he says he is committed to help
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inmates end the violence in their lives. >> credible stories of triumph overcoming adversity because of maybe their past is occurring right now. the more we can showcase that and help people get on that track, that's exactly what i plan to do. and i'm committed as sheriff to doing it. >> reporter: how about for you? >> i'm doing it every day. my family is great. we're strong. department is going right and well. what else can i say? >> reporter: city leaders like the mayor of san francisco and the district attorney say that they have to continue to be a voice and to find solutions practical solutions to end family violence. already, the commission on the status of women is reporting that they have been able to eliminate domestic violence homicides in the city in san francisco for the first time in 10 years. live in san francisco, linda yee kpix 5. so close yet so far. the nightmare almost over for vacationers on the carnival triumph. that final leg came with one
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more mishap. the problem that delayed their homecoming. >> what do vacaville, walnut creek milpitas and los gatos have all in common? they all hit the 70s today. check vacaville, 74 degrees. how long is the warmth sticking around? we'll talk about a return to winter coming up in the forecast, as well. >> and one last performance before this piano goes up in flames. mobile5 is live with how the musician found himself in the middle of a big debate.
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chopper 5 is live over the scene of a double shooting. a man and woman are believed to be ad. kcbs radio rep chopper 5 is live over the scene of a double shooting in san jose. a man and woman are believed to be dead right now. kcbs radio reports they were found in the bedroom of a home on bermuda avenue. the circumstances of the shooting are still unclear right now. we'll keep you posted. it's almost but not quite over for the 4,000 passengers and crew stuck on a cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. this is a live look at that cruise ship right now as the carnival triumph is slowly being towed back to the port in mobile, alabama. it will be just a few more hours before the nightmare is
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over. >> not soon enough. cbs reporter randall pinkston tells us the passengers are losing hope after the ship suffered another setback this afternoon. reporter: the broken-down carnival ship triumph is expected to finally dock it evening. >> this is going to be a long day. >> reporter: this afternoon a new problem. a tow line snapped as tugboats steered the stricken ship toward the terminal. the line was replaced and the slow journey resumed. nelly betts has been in touch with her daughter nicole, who said life on the ship has been miserable and disgusting since the fire knocked out power. >> and the condition of everything was awful, the smell. they did have running water but the water was brown. they hadn't been able to flush the commode in some days. >> reporter: has she been on a cruise before? >> first and last time. >> reporter: karen and travis jackson have a teddy bear and rose waiting for their daughter. >> we boughter who a valentine. today's her birthday.
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>> reporter: john has a wife, daughter, sister and two nieces on board. he made them a sign that reads, thank god it's over. >> it's not the way i plan to spend valentine's but here we are. >> reporter: news crews surrounded him as he spoke to his wife over the phone. >> they want to know how the smell is on the ship. >> reporter: horrendous. >> reporter: customs and border patrol agents boarded the triumph earlier today. they are trying to speed up the customs process when the ship docks at the terminal. carnival is providing transportation and hotel rooms for the passengers. they are also giving out full refunds for the cruise, a credit towards future cruises and $500 cash. in mobile, alabama, randall pinkston, kpix 5. what will the new merger between american airlines and u.s. airways do to ticket prices? we'll look into whether the merger is good or bad for your bank account. >> mobile5 is live. half moon bay gets ready for a piano man's final performance.
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the reason this piano is going up in flames. >> and kpix 5 is the official television station for the new bay bridge opening celebration. a live look at the eastern span of the new bay bridge as we count down to opening day. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes!
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airlines are becoming one. "american airlines" and "us- airways" announced today they plan to merge. k-p-i-x five reporter julie two. nation's biggest airlines are becoming one. american airlines and u.s. airways announced today they plan to merge. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on what the deal means for travelers. reporter: it's a mega- merger in the skies. a marriage of american airlines and u.s. airways that will create the world's largest airline with more than 3,000 daily flights. >> we have come to agreement that this makes sense for all of our customers and employees, investors, and we couldn't be happier. >> reporter: but it may not be a match made in heaven for passengers. >> price tend to go up over the long term. >> reporter: he says giant mergers generally mean less competition. for example, after delta bought northwest, data shows some fares increased as much as 29%. after united merged with continental, the price of many flights including those between san francisco and newark jumped
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as much as 39%. >> an airline merger, the people that benefit the most are wall street, to be honest. >> reporter: with these types of merger, generally the consumer loses and wall street wins. if this deal goes through, just four carriers, american, united, delta and southwest, would control 70% of the u.s. market. and while that could mean higher prices across the board, some say the merger could actually prompt fare wars causing prices to drop in big cities with most of the major airlines serving the same routes. >> prices could also go down because those fewer competitors are competing for the flying public. >> reporter: but whether fares go up or go down, don't switch frequent flyer programs yet. >> in the near term there probably is not going to be any change. >> reporter: the deal still needs approval of the federal regulators and the justice department and that could take months. if aevidence proper the combined airline -- if approved, the combined airline
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will fly under the name of american and frequent flyer points from both airlines will be hon order. the fewer honored. pope benedict xvi held a meeting with priests today telling them he will be hidden from view when he steps down at the end of the month. he says he will live a life of prayer in a former monastery inside the vatican walls. the conclave is expected to begin in march and the election of a new pope is expected to draw millions. the last conclave back in 2005 attracted four million pilgrims. >> that's about half the number of people who moved to california since the snowstorm in the east. see all these ryder trucks moving west on i-80. you would know why. we have some of the best weather. you know? around here this is a great climate in northern california. not too hot, not too cold. maybe today the porridge was just right. highs around 70 degrees. there is a look from oakland
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toward the beautiful new bay bridge and the port of oakland in the foreground camera bouncing around a bit because we're zooming tonight. 70 in oakland. 74 vacaville. not a cloud in the sky. where are we right now? 67 in concord. oakland still 70. livermore and san francisco you're in the mid-60s. san jose 67. so nice in santa rosa. forget about the temperature. you will figure it out. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar still scanning the skies coming up dry once again. we are happen way through february. it has rained one time. tonight it's not going to rain. it will be chilly again. concord 48. oakland 45. mountain view 44. san jose 43 degrees. here's the setup in the atmosphere. if anything, high pressure is becoming stronger. notice the storm track being pushed even farther to the north places like seattle and portland and bellingham they are going to get some sunshine from this, as well. so obviously for us, we will still be under the influence of the high. as it moves closer to us we have been talking about this the past couple of days, the
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winds shifted. the breeze was offshore from the northeast so we had 70 and we'll be there tomorrow and saturday. then the winds change again. as high pressure begins the process of moving out, the flow of air will come from the cool pacific ocean, which temperature is 52 degrees. so we get the flow from there inland, we'll down to 60 by president's day. then we have a low pressure area moving in on tuesday giving us our second rainfall of february. that's coming up next week. next week will be wetter an cooler. 70 tomorrow in oakland. 70 in san jose. concord close to 68. san mateo 60s. pleasanton 67. concord 66. 70 for napa. and mid- to upper 60s for mill valley and san francisco. here is your extended forecast. close to 70 for two more days. sunday sunshine the mid-60s. we are cooler by president's day down to 60. then your rain chance on tuesday and wednesday with
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highs only in the mid- to upper 50s. tomorrow there won't be a huge problem. see that little blue dot? that's a real asteroid. it's coming within 17,000 miles of earth. it's the size of an olympic sized swimming pool. that would be bad if it hit us. now, 17,000 miles sounds like a fair distance away and it is. it's actually closer to us than our weather satellites. which are 22,000 miles up. this thing is close. so thankfully a near miss but really, really close. so we're thankful for the 17,000 miles. >> a miss is a miss. >> we'll have to send bruce willis and ben affleck! our mobile weather lab at justin herman plaza. roberta gonzales there with perfect weather for a pillow fight. >> reporter: check this out at 66 degrees in san francisco.
5:20 pm
wow! winds are under 5 miles per hour as you were alluding to. we are here live at justin herman plaza about the foot of market street and this is the scene of the 8th annual giants san francisco pillow fight. you know, many people commemorate valentine's day with flowers, with cards -- [ lost audio ] [ church bells ] >> unfortunately, we lost roberta and mobile weather lab. maybe she got hit by a stray pillow! somebody was starting the pillow fight early. but it is definitely byo pillow at justin herman plaza. we'll be right back.
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a scott pelley is in new york. scott -- " " the sun is setting on an for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," scott pelley is in new york. >> we are getting an unprecedented look into the fight against cyberattacks. a private security firm in
5:23 pm
california let us inside their command center. they are constantly on the lookout for new attacks. we'll have that and much more tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. thank you, scott. well, the sun is setting on a very unusual art project drawing large crowds to a majestic part of a bay area coastline. it is beautiful. it's also stirring emotions in a musician with something to say. mobile5's ken bastida on why the sunset piano man will no longer be playing in half moon bay. >> reporter: spectacular setting out here at half moon bay, unbelievable. and look at this crowd. about 200 people have come out to listen to a guy playing a piano. this all started about two weeks ago and this story has been around the world. npr is out here now with a film crew and they are recording this little session. this is supposed to be the last night that fortissimo is going to be playing on the bluff here. but he is not alone. there's a violinist out there.
5:24 pm
there's a standup bass, cello, all kinds of different instruments. a flute. and this piano has been out here for about two weeks. we caught a guy today who just walked up and started playing by himself. take a listen. >> i grew up with pianos all my life. i live by the ocean all my life. i don't surf. i don't fish. i don't go sailing. i don't even like to walk in the sun. i dislike the sun. but i play music. just the piano player, you look out and see the sunset. it's a beautiful feeling. >> reporter: that of course is mauro fortissimo. we actually had video of other people playing the piano. it's been left out here for a couple of weeks and they are pretty good piano players in half moon bay apparently. people just showing up. in fact, a pod of dolphins showed up a little while ago and they were listening to the music, as well. it was really amazing. all right. so here's the plan. he is going to play tonight until about sunset and then he is going to take the piano to
5:25 pm
the half moon bay yacht club and from there, it will be burned on sunday. he will take the pieces and make an art project out it. why not? reporting live in half moon bay, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. through presidents' day, get 36 months interest-free financing and save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399.
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new at 6:00 tonight: an invasion keeping the public safe does not require an erosion of people's fundamental privacy expectations. >> new at 6:00 tonight an invasion of privacy or a valuable tool for public safety? how both sides of the drone debate battled it out in a bay
5:28 pm
area county today. >> plus, it's a day to celebrate love, right? how some bay area businesses are cashing in on the contempt for valentine's day. how dare you! those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> well, thanks for watching the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, snapping point. the tow cable snaps on the cruise ship stranded at sea. ana werner talks to some of the sea. ana werner talks to some of the 3,000 passengers who are at the end of their rope. >> there's raw siege on the can't, on every floor. it's the most >> pelley: the pentagon orders cuts because of the federal budget impasse. shipyard workers may be the first to go. the beauty and the blade-- a sports hero is arrested in the murder of a model.
5:29 pm
mark phillips has the story. and anthony mason with history for sale, memories of the life and death of a president. >> "12:52... 1:00, my president is dead." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. 4,000 people who have been adrift at sea for four days are finally nearing shore tonight. this is a live image of the carnival cruise ship "triumph" as she is towed into mobile bay, alabama, this evening. she is expected to dock in just a few hours. she left galveston, texas, a week ago, loaded with her maximum 3,143 passengers and a crew of 1,100. the brochure described a four- day cruise in the caribbean, but an engine room fire left her adrift and powerless.

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